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Staying Cool under a Polycarbonate Roof

Updated: Jan 16, 2018

Most people chose polycarbonate roof sheeting to let in plenty of light under their new verandah.

But how can you stop the area from getting too hot?

There are plenty of ways you can control the heat that builds up under a polycarb roof. And it just takes a few simple design tricks to achieve it.

1. Go high! By raising the roof height, you move any warm air further above head height. Try a gable design if a flat roof will be too low.

2. Invite in a cross breeze. If you keep one or both gable ends open it will allow any warm air to easily escape.

3. Choose your roofing wisely. Try using a Level 3 polycarbonate sheet such as those manufactured by Ampelite. The difference in heat penetration is staggering. Clear polycarbonate let’s in approximately 85% of heat. Ouch! Whereas Level 3 “Silver Mist” only let’s in about 18% heat. That’s makes a huge difference!

4. Install a fan. Sounds simple and it is! Especially with the extra headroom created under a gable style design.

With these few design tips you can have a stunning, bright sheltered space that also keeps you cool!

To learn more contact the team at Permit Plans Studio on 1300 022 240

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