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Are you ready to see permits differently?


We replaced the traditional three step draftsman, documents & surveyor sequence by offering a singular solution. We call it our Plans2PERMIT bundle.

In doing so, we give you unprecedented access to a more diverse knowledge pool, project compliance, reduced fee costs & a hassle-free pathway.


Permit Plans organizes plans & permits for multiple industry partners including Builders, Carpenters, Landscapers, Pool Builders & Landscape Architects. We do this in an ongoing capacity as a trusted source of knowledge in pergolas, verandahs, carports, pool s & decking plans, permits & Regulations. We provide the time-saving tools that allows our partners to focus on sales & construction whilst we handle all the paperwork.

Easier Building Permits

We talk you through the process & do everything for you. Over 74% of our Permits are finished inside 60 Days. Including Plan Drafting time!!

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Cost savings through Repetitive Batching

After shopping around you might wonder if we actually charge anything for our time, admin & experience.

Learn more.


Stay up to date

Be informed all along the way & enjoy peace of mind knowing all follow up tasks are flagged & recorded using our purpose built technology


One point of contact

Get your plans, property information & Building Permit all from the one reliable source

Alternative Solutions

Things you were told can't happen actually can happen! Through Performance Based Assessments (PBA's) we can open up your design options. For example, we can organize your verandah to be built to a boundary.

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