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Stop losing sight of customers who are uncertain of the permit process


  • Remove buyer hesitation & close the sale

  • Enhance your customers experience

  • Generate profit from building approval's

  • Give your sales team some expert support

  • One stop Building Approvals in QLD, NSW & VIC

Join, get more & earn more with the

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You are receiving this invitation as a spa or pool professional. You know all about the concerns the customer faces in getting plans & paperwork sorted for their new spa or pool.

Permit Plans is the only company to deliver permit approvals across three major States, keep their Partners informed of critical matters & back it up with a Money Back Approval Guarantee.

Partnering with Permit Plans allows your customers to quickly overcome one of the major obstacles affecting their decision to buy from you... "Will I get a Building Approval & who can I get to do it?"

Features & Benefits

Combined plan & building approval bundles for your customers

Close more sales by removing buyer hesitation. Enhance their experience by providing them with a simple, end-to-end building approval & plan bundle from Permit Plans to take away the paperwork hassle.

Partner Portal access to get customer status updates

Your whole sales team can access the 24/7 Partner Portal to check the current status of every referred customer from your organisation. Stay informed & plan your deliveries with greater precision.

Money Back
Approval Guarantee

Exclusive to the Partner Program is a full money back guarantee in the event Permit Plans cannot arrange a building approval. There is absolutely no risk carried by customer when using this program.

Branded online customer contact referral tools

Use your sales emails to insert a link to your dedicated, online Customer Contact form. Customers can directly upload their correct information & files. Permit Plans automatically receives the customer as identified to your organisation

Increase revenues per sale or pass along the discounts

Your choice to receive monthly payments of $297 on every referred approval or allow us to pass on significant discounted savings to your customers.

Single point contact Partnership Manager

Your team will be looked after by a dedicated Partnership Manager. You will have a knowledgeable resource to answer building approval queries, escalate any matters & discuss ideas to leverage benefits within the Partnership Program.

Remove all Risk

Let Permit Plans set their mind at ease with our exclusive


It's a no questions asked full fee refund if we can't

get their approval. Complete Risk Reversal.

How the BUUNDLE works

We provide your business with graphics, links & a branded Contact Page like the button below. Go on, click it!

Join, be more & earn more

When you join we work together to improve the customer experience.


Permit Plans provides our Design & Approval services to your customers up & down the East coast of Australia. We back it up with our Money Back Approval Guarantee.

You promote the option for hassle-free Building Approvals within your customer interactions, e-commerce, support packs & the like.

You get to earn new revenue or pass the savings on to your customers at very competitive market prices

as an option with your pools or spas.

We'll train your sales team in the hand-over basics & give you the tools to help you market & communicate the offering to your customers.

We provide you with detailed monthly reports & revenues to invoice us

We'll transfer your payments each month

Your team can access your Partner Portal 24/7 to check ticket status

Give your team more


We provide greater support so your sales team can get the most out of every sales opportunity

  • What type of businesses will benefit from the BUUNDLE?
    Businesses who actively market & sell spas or pools each year are ideally placed to benefit most from this program. Being able to outsource & earn from permits & building approvals is a game changer & you add a valuable resource to your customers experience.
  • Does it cost me anything to join?
    No. Joining the program is free. You may incur some small set up costs adding the promotion of this service to your website & customer packs. You have an instant permit approval team without the headaches! Importantly, there are no ongoing costs & all the work is done for your customer by Permit Plans.
  • How will I keep track of our referrals?
    There a number of ways you will be able to keep track of your referrals: The customers details are sent to Permit Plans via your own Customer Details page. (1) A designated representative of your team is copied into all e-proposals that are forwarded to your customers for acceptance. (2) You get an email notification the very instant the customer accepts the e-proposal. (3) You have access to your own customer portal which will give you 24/7 access to the customer status. (4) You get a monthly report & invoice request for all approved permits.
  • In which States does the BUUNDLE operate?
    The program currently covers Queensland, New South Wales & Victoria. Our Head Office is in Melbourne & all permit processing is administered from this office. Wholesale rates vary from State to State due to the different requirements specific to meet local procedures. Prices are available on our Rate Card.
  • Do you handle Development Approvals (DA's) in NSW?
    The short answer here is no. We specialise in Complying Development Certificates (CDC's) in NSW. About 1 in 30 projects cannot be done under Complying Development in NSW. In these instances we inform the customer & provide them with recommended contact details of companies who specialise in DA's.
  • What makes Permit Plans a better choice?
    Permit Plans is the only complete service partner committed to delivering solutions to grow a spa or pool suppliers business across multiple States. Permit Plans has invested in the best industry people & workflow technology to drive volume permit applications at affordable prices. In house Drafting & Plan Preparation - In house Permit Coordinators - A select panel of pool industry Building Surveyors & Certifiers - Niche specialists No Permit. No Payment guarantee Buy Now. Pay Later options Express Permit options Over 3,500 successful outcomes bringing a lot of happy outcomes!
  • What is expected of me?
    We'll expect you to actively promote the Approval Service to your customers both online & in any communications pieces you generally use such a quotations, customer information packs & the like. We provide you with your own Customer Details link. From here you or your customer enter their details & submit it to our office online. We'll do everything from this point onwards including:- Discuss the design brief with the customer. Gather information & prepare the architectural plans. Submit the permit for approval with our panel of licensed surveyors & certifiers. Issue the approval to the customer with our hand-over instructions.
  • What can you expect from Permit Plans?
    We will treat your customer with the friendly experience you would expect from a customer service partner. Their enquiries will be handled same day & they will receive updates form our Permit Coordinators at key stages. The whole process is typically completed within 15 Days assuming no dispensations are required. You can contact us any time for assistance via phone or email. Your payments are made within 48 hours upon receipt of your invoices.
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