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Through our Partner Program with Summitstruct our expert team will prepare your plans & organise your building approval all in one very simple process.

Plans & Building Approval 

As a valued customer of our Partnership Program with
our expert team will
organise everything required for your Building Approval using our proven 4-Step process.

Your Approval bundle includes:

  • Fast Delivery using our proven 4-Step process

  • Architectural Plans including Site Plan- Elevations- Specifications

  • All Property instruments & documents as required by the Building Surveyor or Certifier

  • All Govt. levy & Lodgement fees

  • Approval Application prepared by our specialist Permit Coordinators

  • Application tracking via our software platform & regular updates

  • Building Surveyor/Certifier fees, compliance check & Issued Approval from our accredited certifying panel

  • All required Building Inspections

We'll get in touch soon to help you with your project.
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