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You Can Push Forward With Your Projects

During The Covid-19 Period

With so many of us currently spending more time at home, there might be more opportunities to get the paperwork ready to build when the time is right. Here's a few ways Permit Plans Studio are changing things up to keep your dream project alive! 

Self Isolating? No Problems.

We rarely need to visit our clients homes.

In fact, only 3% of our clients ever request home measures. We can make this 0%.

Just email your sketch, house plans & photos. We'll take care of the rest!

Free extensions of time on our Building Permits.

Get your Building Permit now & be ready to build. Be one step ahead!

Relax! You have a whole 12 months to start building once your permit is issued.

If Victoria is still in any stage of Shut Down after a year we will arrange your permit Time Extension at no cost to you.

Everyone is ready to get your permits fast.

With the welfare of our Community in mind, our team is linking in from home offices & the permits are flowing as fast as usual! 

Local council Building & Planning departments have done the same.

Our gun panel of Building Surveyors are churning through our volumes!

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